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Creating Opportunities for Parental Empowerment


Research shows that parents of children with autism suffer from the highest levels of parenting stress, relationship difficulties and psychological distress compared with parents of children with a variety of disabilities. A high level of parental distress significantly impacts a parent’s ability to effectively manage their child’s behavior and has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of early teaching interventions for autism spectrum disorders. Currently services for families with autism focus almost entirely on the child and their particular needs – there is little attention given to helping parents deal with the psychological distress they face on a daily basis. COPE provides parents of children with ASD effective, research-based resources, education and support to combat family stress. Effective support services have many benefits, including enabling parents to more effectively manage their child’s behavior, as well as improving overall wellbeing. The following services are part of our COPE program to provide families with the resources to live an empowered life. 



Maximizing You Child's Learning Environment:

Establishing and Maintaining ABA Programs

This two-part parent training will provide information on how to establish and maintain a home-based ABA treatment program that promotes the acquisition of new skills and the reduction of undesirable behaviors. 

Part 1 topics will include:

Creating a therapeutic environment

Constructing a treatment team

Developing curriculum

Part 2 topics will include:

Common procedures used during treatment sessions

Data collection and analysis to guide treatment decisions

Maintaining and generalizing your child’s skills  

This training is appropriate for parents, caregivers, and other individuals providing home-based ABA therapy.
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Kin-nection is a social group for siblings of individuals with disabilities.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

ARG offers CEU events for professions on various topics. Click on the link below to learn about our upcoming CEU events: