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Transforming HOPE into REALITY



Autism Research Group (ARG) was founded in 2011 by Drs. Doreen Granpeesheh, Jonathan Tarbox, and Dennis Dixon, a core group of autism research scientists who are dedicated to cultivating an autism-friendly world through cutting-edge treatment research and dissemination.  ARG exists to bridge the gap between the research community and individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by focusing on research whose outcome directly impacts people with ASD and their families. The mission of ARG is to create a world that meets the treatment needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families through scientific research that is judiciously initiated, rigorously evaluated, and effectively disseminated.


At Autism Research Group, we envision a world in which people with autism spectrum disorders have unbridled access to scientifically-proven services that change their lives for the better. Founded on the premise that the right to live life to the fullest transcends social, cultural, and economic barriers, Autism Research Group is dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and disseminating treatments that make a real, measurable difference.  

Mission Statement

The mission of Autism Research Group is to use science to improve quality of life for people with autism spectrum disorders and the families who love them. ARG’s mission is to do research that matters to families and to share the results with the world, thereby helping more families to access effective treatment. A brighter tomorrow is possible for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and ARG is using science to make it happen.


  • Innovate and test new treatments that hold promise for improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders
  • Increase awareness and access to treatments that are already proven to work
  • Conduct research to improve the effectiveness of proven treatments
  • Establish benchmarks to increase accountability for the effectiveness of services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.